Duffle Bag 130L
Duffle Bag 130L

Duffle Bag 130L

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The Sea to Summit Duffle Bag is a fully featured, expedition grade duffle for hauling gear. It was designed to be more versatile, easier to use and more comfortable to carry than any other duffle whether in the bush or on a school sports trip.


  • Quick carry: Release handle webbing to full length. Magnet in centre of handles keep them together when the bag is put down. Thin section of handles are easy to grip. Knit underside for cushioning.
  • Comfortable portage: Padded lid cushions the user from duffle contents. Top anchor points are close together to keep handles squarely on the shoulders. Wide section of handles spread the load. Ladder lock buckle on handles for easy length adjustment.
  • Transit: Great for carrying heavy loads a short distance like from the taxi to the check-in desk. Handles join together for extra length and 2 layers of cushioning. Easy length adjustment with ladderlocks.
  • Large lid for easy packing and fast access to gear
  • Dual-zipper is super durable and anti-theft
  • Multi-functional handles provide 3 versatile carry options
  • High strength hooks allow quick change of handle position
  • Padded lid and base protect contents
  • Streamlined magnetic handle keeper